Ill Truth

ill truth, A R, araudio, Bristol

Ill Truth, formely known as Despicable Youth, are two spritely young lads from Bristol. They met at Bridgewater College whilst studying music production. Through a mutual love of Drum and Bass and the art of production, this stellar collaboration was formed.

Typically known for their darker soundscapes and rolling drums, ill Truth are rising fast up the UK ranks, gaining support from icons including DJ Marky, Friction, Exposure, Doc Scott, Bailey, Grooverider, BTK, Nicky Blackmarket, June Miller, Ivy Lab, Basher and more.

Their quick style of DJ-ing first got them noticed by Bristol collective Liquifyah and through that collaboration they’re now well established within the city and the wider south west, playing stages at Glastonbury Festival 3 years running and becoming residents at legendary Bristol event Mutiny.

They have releases with Lockdown Recordings, AFT Records, Lifestyle Music, Hospital Records, with plans to release on A R in the near future.