Mark Douglas is a 28 year old artist from Yorkshire. His forte being the piano, songwriting / vocals, guitar and creative writing.

Benefiting from a healthy plethora of musical influences ranging from Classical to Jungle, Prog Rock to Blues, Techno to Jazz and everything in between. Nina Simone, Deep Purple, Oscar Peterson, Noisia and Justice are some of the names that make up his individual musical heroes.

With skills on the keys, a versatile vocal capability and a natural talent for songwriting he has quite a few strings to his bow. He has achieved success as a producer (under the aliases Kruso, Douglas Markx, Defflegend and RC Forest), most notably playing keys for the track ‘Lioness’ for Lala and The Booyas, which was later remixed by Congo Natty. In addition, he has had several appearances on BBC Radio 1 as a pianist and has orchestrated a blues band featuring Justin Kool, John Fairhurst, Mr Woodnote and Henry Slim, as well as performing on BBC Hereford Introducing with Chikaya, a singer songwriter for whom he co-wrote the music.

2016 sets to be an exciting time for Douglas, with a hefty quantity of collaborations on the calendar and plenty of individual projects, including recent works with Exposure which are set for release on A R in the near future.

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